KIELIUS and the coronavirus

Are KIELIUS buses running on their normal schedule?

Yes, KIELIUS buses run between Kiel and Hamburg Airport via Neumünster up to 19 times a day – almost once an hour – in both directions. Click here (German only) for more information about our schedule and KIELIUS bus stops.

Where can I purchase a KIELIUS bus ticket (without direct contact)?

Contactless ticket purchases are the preferred way to buy tickets in the coronavirus era. You can purchase tickets in the KIELIUS Online Shop (German only) and they will be sent to you by e-mail in PDF format. You can print out your ticket and carry it with you or display it on your smartphone when boarding the bus. The bus staff will digitally scan the QR code on your ticket for a contactless check-in on your KIELIUS bus. This FAQ also provides answers to all important questions about online booking. If necessary, you can still purchase your ticket from the bus staff in cash.

Can I purchase my ticket from bus staff instead?

Yes, this option is generally available. However, please note that cash is the only form of payment accepted on our buses. Plexiglass has been mounted behind the driver's seat and roll-up shades installed in the ticket purchasing area to provide the required barrier between passengers and the bus staff when purchasing a ticket. If possible, please purchase your ticket in the KIELIUS Online Shop (German only), where the purchasing process is contactless; you will then be able to check in on the bus without direct contact since the bus staff will only need to scan the QR code on your online ticket.

What plan is in place to address hygiene on KIELIUS buses?

To protect passengers on KIELIUS buses from infection, our normal daily cleaning and disinfection procedures for our vehicles and other surfaces will remain unchanged. We take special care to thoroughly clean surfaces which people touch such as grab poles, handles and loops. A dispenser for hand sanitizer is available at the front of the bus. Whenever possible, bus staff will automatically open all the doors on the bus to provide ventilation. The first row of seats behind the driver's seat will remain unavailable. Plexiglass has been mounted behind the driver's seat and roll-up shades installed in the ticket purchasing area to provide the required barrier between passengers and the bus staff during the journey and when purchasing a ticket. If you purchased a ticket in the KIELIUS Online Shop (German only), bus staff will digitally scan the QR code on your online ticket for a contactless check-in.

As a passenger, what rules do I need to abide by to protect myself and others? What hygiene guidelines do I need to follow?

We ask that you continue observing the standard guidelines for hygiene and protecting yourself and others on KIELIUS buses, particularly in situations on the bus when the minimum distance of 5 feet (1.5 m) cannot be maintained at all times. Given these situations, it is even more important that you observe the following guidelines:

  • Travel only when you feel healthy and are not experiencing any symptoms.
  • Purchase your ticket in advance without direct contact in the KIELIUS Online Shop (German only).
  • You must wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose at bus stops and on KIELIUS buses for the entire duration of your journey.
  • Keep your distance from others whenever possible.
  • Wash your hands or disinfect them whenever necessary and possible.
  • Practice proper etiquette when coughing and sneezing.
  • Take a bus departing earlier or later than normal if possible.
  • Hand over your luggage to bus staff without direct contact.
  • Please spread out evenly on the bus.
  • The first row of seats will remain empty to protect our bus staff from excessive contact.
  • Keep your distance from passengers boarding and exiting the bus.
  • Keep conversations and phone calls to a minimum.

What are the do’s and don’ts at bus stops, when loading luggage and when boarding and exiting the bus?

It is particularly important that you keep 5 feet (1.5 m) away from others waiting at the KIELIUS bus stops. Please be sure to avoid direct contact when handing over your luggage to our bus staff. When boarding and exiting the train, please be considerate of others and maintain your distance. Wait until any travellers ahead of you have taken a seat on the bus before boarding the KIELIUS bus yourself. You can check-in without direct contact if you purchase your ticket in advance in the KIELIUS Online Shop (German only).

Do all passengers waiting at bus stops and riding on a KIELIUS bus have to wear a mask?

Since 29 April 2020, masks have been mandatory for everyone in the German state of Schleswig-Holstein. You must wear a face mask covering your mouth and nose at bus stops, when boarding and exiting the bus and during your entire journey on the KIELIUS bus.

Is the bus staff exempt from the mask requirement?

Our drivers observe the rules regarding maintaining a safe distance. Plexiglass has been mounted behind the driver's seat and roll-up shades installed in the ticket purchasing area. They provide the required barrier to prevent the spread of aerosols during the journey and when purchasing a ticket. However, our bus staff may choose to cover their mouth and nose during the journey.

If other passengers are not wearing a mask, who will ask them to do so? Shouldn't the bus staff make that request?

No, as of today, our drivers are not responsible for enforcing the requirement to wear a mask. This requirement is a duty which each citizen must fulfil on their own by being considerate of others. Some passengers with pre-existing conditions such as heart conditions or asthma and children under the age of six are exempt from the mask requirement, so our employees are unable to intervene.

Am I allowed to use the lavatory during my journey on a KIELIUS bus?

Due to stricter hygiene rules, the toilet on the KIELIUS bus has been closed.

Am I currently allowed to eat or drink on a KIELIUS bus?

Due to the current situation, we regret that passengers are currently prohibited from eating and drinking on KIELIUS buses. Passengers are required to keep their mouth and nose covered during the entire journey, so they are unable to eat or drink in any event.


Where can I find KIELIUS service timetables?

Schedules for bus services between Kiel, Neumünster and Hamburg Airport are available in the timetables section.

How can I pay for KIELIUS tickets?

You can only pay in cash if you want to buy a ticket from the driver. If you use our online shop, you can use a credit card or PayPal. Our system will then immediately send you the ticket by e-mail, and you can print it out at home.

When should I start my journey?

It makes sense to leave Kiel on board a KIELIUS bus about 3 hours before check-in.This gives you enough time just in case traffic is slow on the A7 motorway.

Where is the KIELIUS stop at Kiel's central bus station ("ZOB")?

The stop is located in the forecourt of the train station. The bay is marked as "Ankunft 4" and "Abfahrt 4". The bus station is currently undergoing reconstruction, scheduled to be completed in 2019. In the meantime, KIELIUS coaches will use the train station forecourt. Have a look at the map of the city centre showing various bus stops.

Is free wifi available on KIELIUS services?

Yes: our passengers have free internet. If you'd prefer to read about the news on paper instead of on a screen, daily newspapers are also available on board.

Is there a toilet on KIELIUS services?

The toilet unfortunately cannot be used under the new coronavirus hygiene rules.

Are child seats available on KIELIUS services?

Yes: there are two Cybex child seats (group 2/3, for children aged 4-12 / weighing 15-36 kg) and a booster seat for older children. Baby carriers can be attached using the three-point seatbelts.

Can children travel for free on KIELIUS services?

Children up to 5 years of age travel for free. Children's tickets cover the ages of 6-14. Our table of prices provides an overview of all ticket fares.

Can I bring a bike, surfboard or other large item?

KIELIUS buses can transport what airlines call "outsize" or "oversized" luggage, i.e. large items such as bicycles, surfboards, prams and pushchairs. Just make sure that they are well packed, and let us know in advance that you are bringing such an item with you.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Staff make case-by-case decisions if they can permit a pet on a bus. Contact us in advance if you plan to bring an animal, and if necessary, get written confirmation that you can present to the driver on the day of travel. Make sure that your pet is under control at all times so that it does not hinder the driver or represent a nuisance to other passengers. Dogs which could pose a threat to other people must wear a muzzle. Guide dogs can, of course, always travel with their owners. Animals may not occupy seats. The fare for animals costs the same as a child's ticket.

Can I reserve a seat on KIELIUS services? Do I have to?

No: there is no need to reserve a seat, and there is no way to do so either. However, we would ask people travelling in a group to simply notify us in advance. contact

Are special offer tickets such as the Schleswig-Holstein group ticket or weekend family ticket accepted on KIELIUS services?

No: these special offers are not valid on KIELIUS services.

Do disabled passengers travel for free?

No: travellers with disabilities require a conventional ticket for KIELIUS services. Their named companions travel for free.

Are discounts available?

Yes: discounts are available for KIELIUS services. BahnCard holders receive 25% off full fares (single journey KIELIUS bus tickets for adults/children). Similarly, a 25% discount is available on single fares for groups of 20 and upwards.

An agreement with two tertiary education institutes, Kiel's university (Christian-Albrechts-Universität) and art college (Muthesius-Kunsthochschule), gives students discounts if they present their semester travel tickets. A single journey costs EUR 7, and a return journey costs just EUR 12.

Are Rail & Fly tickets accepted?

Yes: Rail & Fly tickets can be used on KIELIUS services. However, they cannot be used for the combination ticket option (KIELIUS + Taxi). Rail & Fly tickets must be shown to the driver when boarding the bus. Ticket produced after your journey cannot, unfortunately, be accepted.

Do KIELIUS services operate on weekends and bank holidays?

Yes: KIELIUS buses run 365 (or 366!) days a year between Kiel and Hamburg Airport via Neumünster. Details about departure times are available in the timetable.

Where is the KIELIUS stop at Hamburg Airport?

KIELIUS coaches call to stop B, immediately outside the terminals. Take a closer look at the map of the surroundings.